The Nehal Foundation,
was born with the spirit of creating bonds of union
between eastern and western cultures,
just as the founder's wish was
and Persian mystic poet D. Manucher Hejazi Tafreshí.

The Nehal Foundation was established on December 18, 2003 in Madrid, and is registered in the Foundations register of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The main objectives of action
of the Nehal foundation are:

  • Safeguard and disseminate the author's literary work, transmitting his intellectual legacy to future generations.

  • Encourage, support and promote the knowledge and dissemination of the Farsi language and literature, as well as any other cultural, scientific or knowledge manifestation.

  • Promote values of respect for humanity, peace, unity, and develop and favor humanistic research projects for the protection of children and youth.

  • Carry out, promote and develop social, welfare, cultural and educational works and favor the study and dissemination of literature and the humanities.

Every great project is built on effort
and work of many people.

The Nehal Foundation seeks to advance its purposes with the help of people who wish to contribute to the common good and who seek to dedicate part of their lives to serving others.

Guided by this spirit, we have created this space so that all those people who are in tune with our aims and our activities, and wish to collaborate with this Foundation, can contact us for this purpose.

The collaborations that you could make are very varied. One of them is the donation of funds. We want to remind you that Spanish legislation rewards donations to foundations with tax exemptions.

Contact the Nehal Foundation
by writing us an e-mail to or by calling us at 916383374 / 916342236